About us

1) Fitter LPG : the LPG (Liquified Petroleum gas) is a mixture of butane and propane gas in more or less equal proportions. LPG is powered by engines running on gasoline, not diesel. LPG is the least polluting fuel because it does not release fine particles and limits carbon dioxide emissions, one of the gases responsible for the greenhouse effect.

LPG vehicles are therefore not prohibited from traffic in case of heavy pollution. By its reduced price compared to gasoline, the use of LPG allows substantial savings on your travel budget.

Florida Body Car is a professional fitter LPG approved near the competent jurisdictions and is in measurement of :

• Install the LPG kit on all types of gasoline vehicles of all displacement and power,
• Ensure the adjustment, maintenance and repair of installed LPG equipment,
• Establish the approval of the vehicle after conversion and the modification of the registration card.

To roll with the LPG is in ecological gesture for environmental protection and strongly advised by the authorities.
The LPG ensures the longevity of the engine become more flexible to lead and quieter.

2) Financing : Florida Body Car is aimed at both individuals and professionals by proposing the financing of your vehicle, adapted to your budget and via the best financial institutions specialized in the automotive field. We are able to offer you several financing solutions that take into account your personal constraints and your expectations. Flexibility remains our leitmotiv.

3) Services: Florida Body Car offers various services such as:

• Courtesy vehicle loan,
• Internal and external cleaning of the vehicle,
• Administrative formalities with the insurer,
• Specialized advice,
• Adaptability for each of the services offered.